You see, people like her are the people that when they died they were not worthy for heaven but escaped hell. Before escaping hell as they are about to enter it their jaws got ripped off so they couldn’t say bad words their eyeballs gauged out and any other limb that they hurt people with while alive ripped off. She happens to be the worst for she tortures you. Ok this is how it starts, your getting ready for bed then when you are all tucked up, lights off then you see something in the corner of your eye. It is she or another being that escaped hell but wasn’t worthy for heaven. Don’t look, their empty sockets only see in outlines. Yes she has moved closer, but that’s only out of curiosity still don’t look. They leave if you don’t look at them after a while. If you happen to look this is what will happen to you. she will sink her rotten teeth into your neck, make you suffer then she pokes her bony fingers into your eyes and gauges them out to clime them as her own. I WILL RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB, WITH YOU I WILL REBUILD MYSELF BUT IT WILL ONLY WORK…….if you look. (leave comments below n please rate)

From: her