The ocean is calm and freezing as we see a lone ship resting on the surface,
overlooking the area where the great Titanic went down.
This is a memorial ship, overloaded with passengers and crew who want to pay their respects to the 1500 who were lost.
There’s also relatives of the victims onboard too.
It’s nighttime, not a soul in sight, the stars and moon shining brightly in the ever lasting sky.
We see a young man exiting the ship’s quators to walk the boat deck, where we see a row of lifeboats.

His name is Mike White, a business man
from Toronto Canada, here on vacation.

He’s wearing a black tuxedo with a black
coat over it.

He’s not related to anyone that was on the ship but he just couldn’t help himself from coming aboard.

By the way, how often is it you get to be on a ship on the unforgiving sea?

Thought so.

Anyways, he walks to the railing of the boat deck and overlooks the sea, thinking of all the people screaming and scrambling to get out of the water, only to end up drowning or freezing to death.

The water is dark, barely moving and he blows smoke out of his mouth from his cigarette.

He’s all alone.

That is, until another young man appears right beside him, wearing clothes that don’t seem to fit this era.

He’s blonde, 21 with blue eyes that look straight into your soul and five foot nine.

He has a pocketwatch hanging from his vest, and old black shoes.

He’s wearing a light grey suit.

He speaks to the young man.

Tommy:is there anything out there?

Startled, the young man turns to him and gasps.

How did he not hear this young man approaching, or better yet, see him around the ship?

Is he steerage, is that why he never heard or seen him before?

He struggles to say something to him.

Mike:uh, who are you?

Tommy:Tommy Wild, pleased to meet you!

He holds out a hand, which Mike takes, and for some reason, it’s freezing.

They split up and turn back to the water.

Mike:there’s nothing out there but water.

Tommy:yeah, lot’s of water and it’s freezing, right?

Mike:you got it, this is the spot where the great Titanic went down, 1500 souls were lost, what a tragedy.

Tommy gets sad so he turns his head

Tommy:yeah, it must of been a nightmare, the big ship splitting in half, stern going into the sea, what if
they were still alive by the time it hit the bottom?

Mike:they wouldn’t be alive.

Tommy:i know but… imagine what that would be like?



He turns back to the sea and Mike can’t hlep but ask about his clothes.

Mike:so, what’s with the getup, you wanted to dress up for tonight or something, cause it’s really authentic, down to the pocketwatch and shoes.

Tommy doesn’t answer him, so he turns to him.

Asks again.

Mike:hey, did you hear me?

Tommy:yeah i heard what you said, but why are my clothes important?

Mike:just curious.

Tommy:oh fine, yes they’re authentic cause i’m a—


Tommy:if you really want to know, i’m a ghost from the Titanic, yep that’s right, i lived in 1912 baby, went down with the ship, never had a chance, being steerage, you never had a chance.

Mike is speechless, a cold wind blows
past him, moving his black hair.

Tommy stares at him and smiles, before turning back to the sea.

After a few seconds, Mike comes back to reality and figures he’s making it up.

Yeah that’s it, he’s making it up.

He shakes his head.

Mike:no, there’s no way your a ghost, your just screwing with me right, yeah those clothes, you probably bought them on Ebay or something.

Tommy:what the hell’s Ebay?

Mike:come on, walk through me if your really a ghost, come on do it!

Tommy shrugs, why not right?


Leaving the railing, he turns and walks rright through him!

Mike screams and turns around, panic on his face.

Tommy just stands there, happy that he got to prove himself.

Mike:okay, i believe you now, wow what is was like, to be on that great ship?

Tommy:it was great, sneaking towards the boat deck during the day and partying late at night in steerage, it was fun… for a few hours.

Mike:yeah, that goddamn iceberg, but what you don’t know, is that Ismay and the Captain forced the ship to go faster by lighting the last 4 boilers, and they were going too fast to stop in time, that’s why you died.

Tommy stares at him, speechless.

Tommy:are you serious, that’s why my life was cut short at 21, why i never got back to Canada, my god, i gotta sit down.

Mike:whoa, careful!

Not listening, he drops to the deck hard on his butt.

Tommy:i can’t breathe.

Mike:just relax.

Tommy:they, took so many lives that
night, tell me did they survive?

Mike:well the Captain went down with the ship but Ismay yeah he lived, got into a boat meant for women and children, that flipping coward, but don’t worry about him, just relax.

He breathes heavily a few times, before sighing and leaning against the railing.


Mike:better now?

He nods.


Mike:okay, so are you paying your respects too?

Tommy:might as well, i lost friends that night, and women.

Mike laughs.

Mike:oh really, you had girlfriends huh?

Tommy:you better believe it.

Mike:man, can’t believe i’m actually sitting here with a ghost from the Titanic!

Tommy:yeah, life’s amazing that way, isn’t it?

Mike:sure is, but what did you feel once you realized the ship was sinking?

Tommy:scared, didn’t know what to do, knew i wasn’t gonna be put in the lifeboats, but what are you gonna do, huh?

Mike:so you just killed yourself?

Tommy:yep, locked myself in the steerage cabin and sat on my bed, god it was horrifing.

Mike goes to say something when he hears rushing water and screaming.

He turns to the ship, but nothing’s happening and he realizes it’s ghost noise.

Tommy:hear that?

Mike:yeah, what the hell is that?

Tommy:it’s what i was hearing the moment i was locked in that room, freaky huh?

Mike stands and covers his ears, the noise is just overpowering.

He screams.

Mike:ahhhhhhhhhhhh, make it stop!

Tommy watches him suffer for a few minutes before snapping his fingers and he noises stop.

He removes his hands from his ears and
breathes a sigh of relief.

Mike:oh man, thank you.

Tommy:no problem, well i should be getting back, kinda boring up here.

Mike:yeah, sure thing, but i won’t forget you, and oh wait a few minutes.


Mike:can i take your picture, you know to show my friends back home?



He fishes his disposable camera out of his pocket as Tommy stands.

Tommy:take it.


He holds the camera up to his eye and
snaps the picture.

Tommy nods.

Tommy:done now?



Mike:you could stay longer you know.

Tommy:and terrify everyone on board, not
bloody likely.

Mike laughs, and Tommy vanishes before his very eyes.

He’s all alone again.

But he won’t forget the great moments he had with a ghost from the Titanic.


He turns and walks back inside the ship, shuts the door.

Probably goes to sleep.

A few minutes later, we see the torn apart wreck of the great Titanic, lonely and slowly rotting away.

There’s objects in the debris field, including “HUMAN REMAINS.”

We see a young man walking what’s left of the bow with a woman on his arm.

Looking closer, we see it’s Titanic and
one of his girlfriends, Megan who has flowing shoulder length black hair.

They’re laughing and other ghosts appear.

Tommy:do you want to dance on the sea bed?

Megan:hahaha, sure why not?

They vanish, then we see them re-appear on the sea bed, beside the huge ship.

Tommy:alright, ready?

Megan:yes, but not like this.

He knows what she meant by that as he smiles and nods his head.

Tommy:yes, I know what you mean by that, babe.


In an instant, they’re skeletal and they start dancing, under the cold waves where they belong.

They laugh and spin each other, as the band {steerage} starts playing irish music for them.

We slowly fade to black.

The End.

Dedicated to the wonderful ship Titanic,
and it’s 1500 souls that went down with