There was once a little girl named Molly. She was 12 and her parents thought she was old enough to stay at home the entire night alone. that night she went into her bed and turned off the light. “molly” said a soft voice. “molly are you awake?” said the soft voice again. “its me” said the voice. who is this? thought molly. “remember me” said the voice in an angrier tone. “no” replied molly in a whisper. “come little molly I am in the kitchen with some snacks”

“I don’t want to!” replied molly” replied molly. “molly I am walking down the hallway” “molly I am walking to your room” molly was shivering now. “molly I am opening your door” “molly I am crawling to your bed” “molly I am climbing up your bed” molly then felt the quilt on her bed shift slightly. “molly I am going to kill you!” the next day the parents came home and found their daughter dead in a pool of blood with five bloody finger prints on the side of her head.