Once there lived a young boy, his name was bobby. Bobby was growing tired of his same routine. Wake up and eat Lucky Charms, then walk the same rout to school. Go to all the stupid subjects. After school is over, walk the same rout back. But today, Bobby wanted to change it up. When he walked to school, he didn’t get far until he realized he was, indeed lost. He kept walking until he saw a small cabin. Bobby walked to the door, he didn’t even get to knock before the door opened. Bobby saw a man, dressed in all black. Bobby couldn’t see his face. The man grabbed bobby and took him in side. The man pushed him forward. The man pushed him until he was at the front of a large door. The man opened the door and shoved Bobby inside. Bobby looked around. There were bloody torsos laying around, rotting body parts slung all over the room, and heads sitting on a trophy shelf. The man came in, holding a knife, hanging rope, and spoon. The man said, ‘‘the knife here, it is to cut your arms and legs off, slowly and painfully” then the man held up the hanging rope. ”This is to hang you, but don’t worry I won’t use the spoon until after. You see the spoon is to scoop you eyes out. I save it for last, so you can see the whole process.” Bobby screamed, but no one could hear him. The man did as he said, killed Bobby the exact way he said. He put Bobby’s head on his ”trophy shelf” and walked out waiting for his next victim.

From: Heaven S.