The Golden Arm

Once upon a time, there lived a young man in a house on my block. He had just married his love, Mary. Mary, she wasn’t too bright. She wasn’t bright at all really. He only loved her for her looks. One day, he was sawing a piece of wood to complete the table she had been wanting. when she stuck her arm under the blade. It cut Right off! She was rushed to the emergency room, where they replaced her arm with a fake arm. It was real gold! The days went on… and on. until she finally died from food poisoning. for some strange reason no one knew who did it. But me. I knew it all along. He did it to her so she would die. How did I know? Because I saw him sneak into him backyard where he buried her. He kept digging non-stop for a half an hour! when finally he saw her. He took her out of the hole, and cut off her golden arm. He re-buried her leaving no trace. He went back into the big old house. Up to his room where he hid the golden arm and then he went into bed. Shortly after he was woke up by footsteps on the stairs. They grew louder…. Thud thump thuds thump. Then he heard a creak…….. Then the door flew open! And Bang! slammed against the wall. He saw it!!!!! She was standing in the doorway! No eyes, No hair, and skin sagging. She yelled, ” What have you done?” He replied “my, what beautiful blue eyes you have.” She yelled back in anger, ” I have no eyes!!!!” Then he said, ” Well, What Smooth pretty hair you have.” She was Furious at this point, “I have no hair!!!” So he tries something else, “What great flawless skin my dear beloved wife.” So, she screams at the top of her lungs, ” have you seen my skin? I look horrible! now give me my golden arm.” she repeated it several times, but he kept refusing. Her eyes glowed bright red with anger. Then she attacked him. Leaving him lying dead covered in his own blood for the cops to find him, DEAD.

From: Heaven S.