It was Halloween night. I was with some of my friends roaming the neighbor hood, and they thought it’d be cool to break into an abandoned house on Thames Street. I, myself wasn’t scared at all, matter of fact, I told them I’d be the first to go in. They all laughed. “Your nothing but a joke” “You wont do It.” so I insisted, I led the group to the abandoned house. When we reached the gate, it was locked. the windows were shattered, and the front door was wide open. I could’ve sworn I saw something peek its head out, and I tried to back out, but I remembered I wanted to show them how brave I was, so I climbed the fence. As soon as I got to the other side, everyone gasped. I slowly state moving to the house. I walked slowly up the possessed stairs, and peeked inside the main room slowly. IT WAS NOTHING. the house looked. rand new inside, its just the outside that seemed scary. sly I went and laid down on the couch, but, AHHHHHHHHHHHH’! One of the friends: “ASHLEY! ASHLEY!” I climbed
over the fence and ran into the house, I screamed, ” ASHLEY!” but she was nowhere. By then, all of our other friends had run away. I continued searching , AHHHHH! something grabbed my arm! HELP! I was being dragged! I heard chains, and screaming, and yelling! ASHLEY!! I cried!! I couldn’t see her, I was being shoved into the closet by a force when– ” That’s what you get for not believe me” said Ashley, holding a bloody knife in her hand. and that’s when the abandoned house, was burned, BUT: EVERYONE in the house was still alive, somewhere, out there.

From: Olivia