Hi it’s me darkforever you guys might of seen some of my other spooky stories which are all true :) well don’t poop your pants on this one just kidding any this is true one of my friends did this before if you say bloody Mary 12 times at 12:00 not 12:01 only (12:00) if you wanna try it which you might not cause I am gonna tell you what happens ok so my friend James he said bloody mary 12 times at 12:00 and guess

what she comes up to you from no where and cuts your hole face and when he came to school his face was all sores and cuts and as a wonderful awesome friend I sad how did that happen and he said say 12 times bloody Mary at 12:00 at night plus I love scary things peace out don’t try it at home kids you will poop your freakin’ pants ^.^