(This story was what I found when I woke up.) Every night, I dread because, None believes this but a man was in my room one night, and I didn’t know I got undressed to put my something on, and something hit me in the head, I fell to the floor. When I woke up my wrists and legs tied me up, I was still nude. I started to scream but was gagged and I saw I was in a huge room with lots of men, they looked very scary, they told me I was their play toy, there $ex doll. Every night they would torture rape and me me, and one day one of the men who was drunk set me free. I had no idea where I was, I knew two months had past, they had a clock in their room. I walked into the night, and then I saw one of the men, he grabbed me and said, “One of these nights I’m going to come back and thrust everything I’ve got into you, your still my sex slave, It shall be the very night you forget about us.” Then he shoved me away into a car, which took me home, I fell asleep.

Now I am awake I had a note in my clothes at the foot of my bed telling me over and over again the full story, I trembled and never told anyone.
And again it happened, 5 years later, I had forgotten and they came for me, and that is now, I write this quickly, because I hear them breathing under the bed, waiting for me to undress.
I don’t tell anyone because if I do they will kill me.

From: Frightened