My best mate Alice was moving house and her parents were going out that night. I said “I’ll come and stay at your new house if you want.” That night we were sat there playing monopoly (I know right :P) Anyway we put a movie on in the background. We didn’t really pay attention to it but it was ‘when a stranger calls’. after a while we heard knocking on the door and I went to answer it. Alice was behind me because it was a scary part in the movie where the babysitter picks up the phone for the first time. We weren’t watching it but she’s just weird like that. I opened the door and there was no one there. We went back to monopoly and soon after we heard someone knocking again and we went to answer it. There was no one there but there was a note. “HERE KITTY…” I was really freaked out because it looked like it was written in blood! We rang the police and they said we would send someone over straightaway. we heard knocking again and we didn’t want to answer it but incase it was the police we went to answer it. there was another note. “HERE KITTY… COME UPSTAIRS” Alice screamed and ran out the door. I turned round and there was someone standing at the top of the stairs holding Alice’s cat by the tail. I ran out the door and the police arrived two minutes later. I never set foot in that house again and Alice moved back to her old house.

From: Caitlin Roberts