Once upon a time there was a young man who had just left college and was having a year off. And it came to pass that he stopped off in a small town for a night, as he was hitch hiking.
So he found a cheap looking hotel and decided he’d stay there. As he walked in he spoke to the woman at the check in office and rented out a small room for a night which was just big enough to be cozy.
But as he was about to go find his room the woman said to him ‘usually id be ok with you looking around but I must warn you not to enter the room two doors to the left of yours and with that she got up and left.
Slightly befuddled and curious why he would go inside any way the young man went up to his room passing the door the woman had spoken about he noticed that although it had been recently painted the door handle was dirty and caked in dust shrugging of a sense of unease he entered his room and lay down on his bed awaiting the embraces of sleep.
Unbecoming to him he could not sleep and so he got up and went out side looking out to the east he saw the sun dip below the horizon and disappear from view turning around to go back to his room he was startled to find the forbidden door directly behind him wondering how he had moved 10 or so meters down the corridor he found his curiosity overwhelming any fear of the warning and so decided to see what he could through the peep hole.
Looking in he saw a window. The crescent moon rising in the corner he noticed the white figure of an old woman gazing out the window. Walking back to his room he wondered why he had been warned not to enter and he fell fast asleep in his room.
The next morning he woke up donned his clothes and picked up his back pack, leaving the tiny apartment he decided to go buy some breakfast and then be off but before he left he decided to look through into the room one last time and so he did to his disappointment however all he could see through the peek hole was an unmoving blanket of red wondering if the woman had seen him and covered up the hole. Unnerved by the unmoving red cover that had been placed over the keyhole he looked away deciding not to enter he left not knowing that this decision had probably saved his life.
Going down stairs he saw the check in woman and decided to ask her why she had warned him not to enter the room since there had been nothing there.
Exasperated the woman said ‘well I guess there‚Äôs no point not telling you since you looked in any way.
A family once lived in there and the father tortured his wife and made her kill all three of her children and it is said that her ghost still resides in that room they say that she is devoid of all color and wears only white apart from her eyes.

Thanks Daniel