The story starts when five best friends were walking down the street. The girls names were Cc,Alissa,Carli,Maya,and Alyssa. They came apoun a doll store called “Dolls Dolls Dolls.” Cc was looking in the window and she a boys face. She got scared and fell back into the rode. There was a car comeing so Alissa pulled her onto the sidewalk. The boy opened the door and said

will you come in. they were amazed by how many doll there were. There had to be at least over 1,000 dolls. They each found the perfect doll. When they took them home bad things started to happen. Maya didn’t beleave the other girls because nothing was happening to her so she cept the doll when the other girls took them back to the store. Maya didn’t think the doll was evil. She started hearing nosies the girls said they had heard. She thought that they were in her mind. She would here them all the time. She started hereing footsteps. Bad things started happening. She dicided to tell the other girls. They were s
cared for her. So one night she dicided to trow it out the window and it shaterd in to tiny little pieces. She thought to her self that nothing would ever happen to her agian. The next morning she woke up and was going to go down stairs. She opened the door and there was the doll all put together. She grabed and took it down stairs to show her parents. They said they had not put it back together. She dicided to tack it back to the doll store. Nobody was there so she went to the basement as soon as she was at the bottem of the steps the door slamed shut. She was never seen agian.