17-year-old Lilly sat on the phone for hours, only checking on the baby when the conversations seemed to dag on. It had been an easy 20 bucks; she knew she had made the right choice becoming a baby sitter.

It was about 2:00am when the baby started screaming and crying so Lilly groaned and took the stairs two at a time and creaked open the door and hushed him by rocking the cradle. I inspect the room relishing she had never actually taken time to look at it. She shivered; in the corner of the room there was a huge, live-sized clown doll. She had always hated clowns. Lilly called up the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith to ask them where they had gotten the doll and to ask if she could move it because it was scaring the baby.

They didn’t know what she was talking about.

It hade been early hours of the morning when Mr. and Mrs. Smith got home. Seeing no sigh of Lilly they checked up stairs. All they had found was blood and lots of it and a knife in the cot. No one had ever seen or heard from Lilly or the baby again but it is said if you sit in the room at exactly 2:00 you will hear a spooky clown laugh.

From: MIA