I’m feeling regrets


Nathan lived in a two-story house with his wife Miranda and his two daughters, Sally and Christy. One night his wife was finishing watching TV and then she felt a cold chill on her neck. She got a little freaked out. She looked behind her; there was a pale girl. Then, she screamed awfully loud. ” Ah!!” ” Get out of my house or you will regret this. ” Then, Miranda said in a shaky voice ” Why don’t Read More →

Ghosts in my kitchen


Well hello people hopes you guy believe or like my stories and are a real store…. Went I was 8years old I lived in a apartment that since I moved there I just started seen stuff hearing voices seen black shadows put one day I was just playing dolls with my youngest sister that she was 6years old so were in the living room and the living room was next to Read More →

The wings in the woods


Leaves crunched beneath my feet as I ran fiercely through the trees and broken branches that lay across the ground. My chest burned with every breath I took until it became unbearable. Coming to a stop, more like a stumble, I fell to my hands and knees, hurrying over to a bush where I crushed myself closely to its truck hoping to cover myself. Trying to suppress the loud breathing Read More →

Bloody Mary was something to talk about


It was the last day of Track and Feild as me and my friend , Amanda sat peacefully down in shade. Our events weren’t coming until two hours. There was nothing to do. I was in the mood to talk about something scary after looking across at that stranded creapy wooden barn on top of the hill. Bloody Mary was something Read More →

Irish legend


This is an Irish story about a girl named Shannon.

One day, Shannon’s mother gave her 5 euros and asked her to go out and buy some dinner. So off Shannon went to the market, were they usually bought dinner. She saw a man with the cutest dog she’d ever seen. She made her way over to him
Read More →

Hand prints wrapped around my neck


It was in the fall that I got placed in a foster home in Altamont, Ks. Everything was great for a long time. Well when I moved in they started telling me stories about their house. They had a whole family that lived there and they all died. There were 2 little girl’s Sally and Hannah and then a boy named Robert Jr. And then there was Sally’s mom and her husband Robert. Well one day Robert Read More →

What happens if i see a black cat?


One night I was sleeping in my bed and what it felt something walking softly on my leg awakened me. I kicked my leg and everything stopped, than one night I was in the pantry close to the kitchen and I took a picture of the floor. I looked back at the picture and noticed a black ghost Read More →

Does haunted houses really exist?


My mother my brother and I have always moved a lot but when we moved to the one white house at the end of the street gave me the chills. Why I have no idea I mean it was my home. So one day I was home alone and I was in my room like normal then my TV in Read More →

Friend has been found dead


“What? We didn’t leave the house!” I yelled at the raspy voice. “OH yes, Abby did.” he said. I hung up. We called 911. “Oh your friend has been found dead on the bench of Blackberry lane. She had no signs of death, like cuts. I am so sorry.” The police said. “NOO!!!” Read More →

Don’t stay home alone at night!


About 2 years ago I went home late from my cousins house no one was there. So I went inside from my back door my family wasn’t answering. My door slammed and closed and something or someone called restricted they said “soon”. I went to get my dog he’s a pit-bull but Read More →

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