The voice again


There was once a little girl named Molly. She was 12 and her parents thought she was old enough to stay at home the entire night alone. that night she went into her bed and turned off the light. “molly” said a soft voice. “molly are you awake?” said the soft voice again. “its me” said the voice. who is this? thought molly. “remember me” said the voice in an angrier tone. “no” replied molly in a whisper. “come little molly I am in the kitchen with some snacks” Read More →

Dark night in the stairs


One night, I was walking up the stairs to go to my great grandmother’s flat. My uncle died there years before right outside. I saw him in the hospital slowly dying as a baby. I still remember him telling me to be a good girl and to stay away from the voices he was hearing. I was only child then of course but I’ve bee thinking about until this night. Read More →

The basment


OKAY! So everyone has something they are completely and utterly terrified of I mines is the damn basement so let me tell you why before you say ohh its just a room. I am 14 I was at the house with my boyfriend rest his soul we were on the couch drinking pop and eating chips well we (my family) keep our pop in the basement before this happened I had no fear of the basement so I went down to get more pop my boyfriend wanted more so im walking and a metallic smell just filled my lungs and I open the door to the basement and it gets stronger and stronger it actually started to smell like something died so I am at the bottom of the stairs I turned on the light their is a dead rat right in front of me I am like okay gross disgusting I run up stairs to get a trash bag and I go back down and the rat is not their any more so I am like well it still smells Read More →

My house has a scary history


I was in my room reading a book when all of a sudden I hear really crockey loud breathing. As though someone had lung cancer. I went on just reading thinking it was just an animal. I was wrong. I whispered as I was reading ” go away will ” the breathing go Way louder. I had got enough. I turned the light off and got in bed. I was turned for my side so one ear was against Read More →

Inside the Dark and Gory


When you look into a dark tunnel, or say, something smaller; a hallway. What is it you see? Is it just dark, black hidden features of the hallway? Or is it something else? Something more. Something kept hidden from you as a child. Why were you scared of the dark as a kid? Was it the unknown? Or, have we all who were or still are afraid of the dark witnessed death as a child? Could it be our death we saw? Could we have seen how we die, yet forget it later on? People that are over the fear of the dark may have forgotten the pure feeling of their own death. As for the fearful, they have not forgotten the feeling, just the reason.

One night, I was in my room. It was dark, but not too much since I had my laptop open a bit for music to help me sleep. Right as I started to doze off, I felt a light tug on my blanket. I opened my eyes, but assuming it was my imagination, I closed my eyes hoping for dreams you would consider nightmares to appear. I suddenly heard a loud bang right next to my bed. I shot up, terrified, wondering if my younger sibling had come into my room again. May I note that no sibling or parent has entered my room at night…even when I thought they did. Read More →

The legend of the mysterious creature


In the 1300′s, In a village People use to believe in a legend that there is a creature under water will rise up once a year and will take 3 person with the creature but know one knows what the creature does to them. In the village a girl name Luren lived with her mother and her 13 year old brother. Luren was 12. They lived in a broken house which was damaged by the rain. Luren didn’t go to school because she is a girl in those days girls had to stay home and help Read More →

Short ghost story; desert


In the summer 8 friends wanted to go visit china so they brought plane tickets on their way they had a plane crash it landed on a desert! Only the 8 friends and the pilot survived. They had some food to eat while they waited for their rescue. 5 days later the friends were so hungry they didn’t have enough food so they made a horrible choice And something really gross. 7 days later some mans came to their rescue and they took them back to America none of the friends were injured but their 8th friend was missing and the 7th friend lost his memory. When the peoples asked all the friends where is the 8th one? They all said he got lost in the desert. But the 7th friend kept saying “8…8″ what the 7th friend really mint was that they ate the 8th friend because of hunger.

Ghosts; the man was gone


“I need some more money” pleaded john desperately “I need it for my boy’s college”
“well I can give you a delivery” murmured Mr. Macman solemnly
“but it will be after my shift” complained john
“do you want the money!?” boomed angrily
“yes please I am so sorry” said john weakly Read More →

The man outside my gate


It was about 12 in the night when I heard some crackling outside my house. I tried to sleep it out but I just couldn’t. So I went outside alone and tried to find out whom it was.
I thought it was just a cat but I was wrong, all I saw was a man’s shadow out my gate. So I said to the man, “please get out, it is the middle of the night, me and my family Read More →

I was walking up the stairs, you won’t believe what happens after


One night, I was walking up the stairs to go to my great grandmother’s flat. My uncle died there years before right outside. I saw him in the hospital slowly dying as a baby. I still remember him telling me to be a good girl and to stay away from the voices he Read More →

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