We see Scotland in 1828 and everyone’s afraid of the two serial killers named Burke and Hare.

They’re taking lives for money by Dr.Knox, who takes the bodies and studies them.

We see a young man with blonde hair, wearing fancy clothes walking the streets, heading towards a pub.

He’s five foot nine with green eyes that look straight into your soul, comes from a nice family.

He’s wearing a long red coat with a white shirt and gold vest, pocketwatch and black pants, wearing black and white shoes.

He’s got no girlfriend but that’s alright since he doesn’t need one, though he does get lonely.

He passes some young women who are talking about him.

He takes notice and walks towards them.

One of them is named Mary and she licks her lips.

Scotty:i couldn’t help but notice you staring in my direction, is there something you want to tell me?


Scotty:what is it?

Mary:i think your cute, do you have a girlfriend?

Scotty:not yet!

She laughs and kissess him on the lips, her friends laugh and take off.

He takes her in his arms.


She opens her eyes and releases her grip on his arms.

He’s in love.

Mary:hot damn, that was amazing.

Scotty:wanna go to the pub?

Mary:maybe later, have to get back to work.

Scotty:oh, what’s that?

Mary:i work with horses, even though i hate em.

Scotty:well, work is work, anyways i’m gonna head to the pub that’s through the alley.

Mary:yeah i know what you mean.

Scotty:great, see you then, my names Scotty Wild by the way.

She smiles and walks away.

He laughs and takes off.

On the other side of town, Burke and Hare wander the streets, searching for someone to kill.

They’re starving and passing a apple cart, he grabs two fresh ones and gives one to his friend.


He bites into it and Hare does the same.

Hare:i swear, if we don’t find anybody
to kill, i’m killing Knox myself.

Burke:that would be stupid since he’s the one that pays us for each corpse.

Hare:okay, i’ll let him live.

Burke:damn rights.

They walk on.

Soon, Scotty finds the pub he’s been dying to drink in.

He opens the door and walks in.

He laughs as he walks towards the counter, where his good friend Ewan is busy pouring drinks.

Ewan isn’t that great looking as he’s overweight and wearing simple clothes, kinda balding.

The pub isn’t that full as it’s winter and freezing out.

Scotty:hahahaha, hello Ewan, when was the last time we drank together, huh?

Ewan:last night, what will it be?

he sits on the stool and spins for a few seconds before stopping and staring
his friend in the eye.

Scotty:b-e-e-r, i’ll have a beer please and keep ‘em coming, cause i’m in love baby!

Ewan:oh you finally found someone, nice!

Scotty:sure is, her name is Mary, strange that i didn’t get her last name, oh well her hair smells like lemons, which is amazing since hair smells like shit these days.

Ewan:i hear that.

He fixes him a beer and hands it to him.

he takes it and downs it, quick.


Ewan:so, gonna be here for the whole day?

Scotty:sure, why not!


pours him another drink and he takes it.

Meanwhile, Burke and Hare stand by a back alley, still eating their apples and looking for victims.

They’re trying to come up with new methods of life taking.

Burke:no i like breaking their backs or stabbingg them, it makes me happy, why change that?

Hare:listen you nitwit, if we keep doing that then Knox is gonna suspect something, you wanna get hanged or go to jail?

Burke:screw that.


They continue munching on their food, before noticing a young woman walking down the street with a basket full of horseshoes, looking very happy and in love.

It’s Mary.

Burke:check it out, happy woman, she looks like a great victim, right?

Hare studies her.

Hare:she’s perfect, let’s get her.

They toss their apples to the street and walk towards her.

Sure, Mary’s heard of them but she doesn’t know what they look like.

They approach her and she smiles at them.

Mary:hello, is there something i can do for you?

Burke:can you come with us please?

Mary:uh, why?

Hare:we got something to show you.

Mary:oh, what is it?

They just grab her and head towards the alley.

The horseshoes fall to the ground.

In the alley, they walk into a nearby room that’s half empty, except for some furniture in the back.

Burke slams the door shut and locks it.

Mary faces them, confused.

Hare removes a blade from his coat.

it’s covered in blood.

She sees it and gasps, runs for the door.


Burke grabs her, she’s not getting away!

Hare:your not going anywhere, missy!

Mary:no, help me!

Before she can run for it, they grab and ram the knife straight into her back.

She gasps as blood drips and he yanks the knife out again, only to stab her in the back of the head.

Then they drop her to the floor, Hare yanking his knife out.

Burke:okay, we can’t take her out in the middle of the day, people will see us.

Hare:no shit, okay stash her and we’ll come get her after nightfall.

Burke:but where, this room is half empty.

They look around.

Then Hare grabs her arm and drags her to the furniture.

Hare:over here.

Burke:oh, okay.

He follows him.

then Hare scoops her up and hides her behind some mattresses.

he shoves her down hard, accidentally snapping her neck.

Then he turns to his friend and smiles as he shoves the knife back in his pocket.

Hare:there, now don’t forget where she is.

Burke:i won’t.

They walk away.

Soon, night decends upon the city.

In the pub, Scotty has no idea that his nnew girlfriend is dead.

He stares at the door, hoping she’ll enter but never shows.

He turns back to his friend and sighs, sadly.

Scotty:shit, think it got stood up.

Ewan:have another beer.


He takes the beer and guzzles it, sets it down and his friend pats him on the shoulder, gently.

Ewan:i don’t think she was the one anyways.

scotty:who is?

Confused, Ewan walks off and lets his friend drown his misery in booze.

They’re the only ones there, as the place is pretty empty.

Then two people walk in, laughing and having a great time.

Scotty:oh, great.


He asks them what they want and they say beer.

So he makes their drinks for them.

Scotty lifts his head and continues drinking.

Scotty:fuck love Ewan, fuck it.


He sets the beer on the tray and walks towrds the couple sitting at the table, near the door.

Burke and Hare wander the streets again, looking for another life to take.

Burke is getting impatient as is Hare.

they stop and throw their hands in the air.

Hare:did we come too late, where the hell is everyone?

Burke:probably inside, too damn cold for them.

Hare:pussies, oh wait, what’s that?



Burke looks to where he’s pointing and smiles.

Scotty’s unaware of the danger he’s in as he exits the pub.

that is, until they give chase.

he heads into the nearby alley.

The alley is narrow and disgusting, rats and stray dogs covered in mange, looking for a meal.

They watch the young man head down it.

he waves at them, but doesn’t pet them, not wanting to get a disease.

Scotty:oh, hello there.

they turn away.

he turns a corner.

Burke and Hare appear out of the foggy
darkness and stare ahead.

Burke:you first?

Hare:why the hell is it always me,your bigger, you grab him.

Burke:fine, but i’m sick of getting blood on my hands.

Hare:oh boo hoo, your a serial killer, deal with it.


They walk on and turn the corner.

In another part of the alley, Scotty looks at the stars in the sky, then turning his head, sees the giant yellow moon.

Then he hears something behind him.

he stops, confused and swallowing in fear.

turns and looks.

nothing there.

he calls out anyways, in a brave voice.


When nothing answers him, he turns and
walks on.

No footprints, no coughing or any other human noises, everything is dead quiet.

Spooky, very very Spooky.

He hurries along.

The alley gets more narrower as he sees
the way out.

He’s almost there, sighs in relief.

He figures it’s cause he had too many bers or something.

A few more feet and he would of made it if–

A knife hadn’t struck him in the side.

He screams and collapses to the wet fithly street.


He tries to move, but the pain is unreal.

He shuts his eyes as he hears Burke & Hare approaching him.

They laugh, happy about another kill.

Burke:hahaha, got him!

Hare:one throw and you strike him int he back, nice!

Scotty pants heavily, knowing who they are.

Scotty:please let me go, i don’t want to end up on a slab.

Burke:wait, how the hell do you know about that?

Scotty turns on his side and stares up at them.

He can’t see their faces cause of the darkness and fog.

It scares him even more.

Not being able to see the faces of someone who’s attacking you?

just a dark outline, ewww creepy.

Scotty:you think i don’t know about you two?

Burke drops to one knee in front of him.

Burke:what do you know?

Scotty:ahh that you kill anyone that
crosses your path and take them to Dr.
Knox to be cut open.

Burke:oh well then, guess we’ll have to silence you.

Scotty:no, help me, Ewan i’m in the alley, help me!

Burke:shut up!

He makes a fast motion with his hand, yanking the knife out.

Scotty stops and gasps in pain and horror.


Burke:goddamn it, will you shut up!

PScotty:help me, please somebody!

Hare:do something!

Burke:if you keep this up, i’m snapping
your back!

Scotty:you wouldn’t!

Hare:yes he will, now shut up and let us kill you!

Scotty:please, i don’t want to become a corpse, i got so much to live for.

Burke:too bad.

grabbing his head, he rams it against the wall hard enough to stun him.


then he lays the young man on his stomach, hand on his head.

Hare:okay, snap it.

Scotty:please, somebody fucking help me.



with another fast motion, he snaps his back instantly.

Hare makes a face as we hear a loud
disturbing crunch.

he then lays him on his side and touches his neck, trying for a pulse.


Hare:what, isn’t he dead yet?

Burke:sadly, no.

Hare:but you killed that little kid by snapping his back, right?

Burke:something else needs to happen here.

Hare:just use your knife, don’t want to be in here forever, smells.


he grabs the knife and goes to ram it straight into his eyes when Scotty stares at him.

he pants heavily as he sees the knife.

Hare walks away.

Hare:goddamn it.

Burke:what the hell are you doing, kid?

Scotty:please, don’t do this.

Burke:go to hell.

Scotty shuts his eyes as he rams the knife into his throat.

blood squirts out and he dies instantly.

he twists the knife so the wound won’t


he yanks the knife out and stands up.

they stare at their victim dead in the
street of the foggy fifthly alley.

blood escapes his wounds, reaching
the ground.

a chilling wind blows past them.

they wait several seconds before speaking up.

Hare:so… is he dead?

Burke kicks him hard enough in the side to break ribs.

we hear crunching again.

Burke:oh yeah he’s dead, come on let’s get him to Dr.Knox before we’re noticed.


Burke puts the knife away in his jacket bbefore grabbing his feet.

Hare bends down and picks up his arms.

being thin, he’s very light so they take off.

Burke:we’re gonna get lot’s of money for this idiot!

they hurry out of the alley.

only the dogs/rats/cats are the witnessess.

they streets are cold and dark as they make their way to Dr.Knox’s place.

Burke:Goddamn place, why does it have to be so far away?

Hare:maybe he doesn’t want anyone to
know what he’s up to?

Burke:oh yeah, good point.


Burke:so, who do you think this victim

Hare:probably a business man or something, has nice clothes on.

Burke:yeah, he did.

Hare:piece of shit.


Hare:but it sure beats work and robbing ggraves, doesn’t it?

Burke:hahaha, sure does!

They continue on their morbid way.

Soon, they meet their destination.

Burke pants heavily as he pounds on the front door.

Burke:hey open the fucking door, we got another corpse for ya!

The door opens and we see Dr.Knox in white clothing, incudling a white doctor coat.

He sees the body and smiles.

Knox:come on in.

they enter and shut the door.

they carry the body to the table where he cuts up his victims.

Knox:so, who is it this time?

Hare:oh some business man, nobody important.

Burke:sure was fun to stab him though,
also broke his back.


they reach the table and set him down.

Knox finally gets a good look at the young man.

shakes his head.

Knox:damn, this kid looks 17.

he turns to them.

they do nothing but shrug, showing no remorse for what they just did.

Burke:yeah, so?

Hare:yeah, what about it?

Knox:it doesn’t matter, it’s nothing.

He picks up a blood splattered knife and gets to work.

they smile and walk away.

before realizing something, where’s their money?

Burke:oh right, we need our money.

Knox:fine, it’s in the basket by the door.

they take it and walk off.

we hear them laughing as they head out the door.

we hear it lock.

Knox opens the mans shirt and stabs him in the chest.

also notices the stab wound on his neck.

Knox:poor kid, but work is work, hahahaha!

continues chopping him up.

Fade to Black.

Burke was hanged for his sinister crimes and Hare went blind after some people found out who he was and tossed him into some slime.

he ended up a tramp on the streets of London.

that was 190 years ago in the 19th century and some things have changed as SScotland has forgotten all about it’s
bloody history.

but the alley hasn’t forgotten as Scotty’s ghost still haunts the area where he was brutally murdered.

on cold foggy nights, you can hear him scream and Burke and Hare telling him to shut up and screaming at the top of their lungs at him.

sometimes he appears in the daylight, but not really.

he’s more visible at night.

his screams terrify anyone who’s brave
enough to enter the area.

Burke ended up in the same place as his 116 victims, in the mourge on the slab.

then his body was placed on display and
his skeleton is in a case standing up in a University somewhere in Scotland.