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The man outside my gate

It was about 12 in the night when I heard some crackling outside my house. I tried to sleep it out but I just couldn’t.

March 07, 2016 Ghost

Hand prints wrapped around my neck

It was in the fall that I got placed in a foster home in Altamont, Ks. Everything was great for a long time. Well when

June 02, 2014 Ghost

Ghost hiking the mountain

Their once was a hiker who went hiking in the mountains. He lost his track on the path, it was getting late he soon couldn’t

May 26, 2014 Ghost

The ghost of the Titanic

The ocean is calm and freezing as we see a lone ship resting on the surface, Overlooking the area where the great Titanic went down.

May 13, 2014 Ghost

Saw his shadow

One dark windy night my mom was asleep until she felt a breeze and steps through the hallway of the house she was with her

August 15, 2013 Ghost

Middle night ghost

Once I was playing with my friend’s at the park and then we went back to my house me and my sister have bunk beds

July 05, 2013 Ghost

A ghost – She’s here again

One foggy night on the night of Halloween three girls came along the woods and said there was a crazy old man that was following

July 05, 2013 Ghost

Ghost short story

There was a handsome young man, which every girl wanted to marry. He finally married a rich girl named Charlotte. Charlotte died two days later

April 09, 2013 Ghost

Little girl ghost

My name is Silica and I’m 17 years old. This scary event happened to me when I was only ten years old, but I still

April 06, 2013 Ghost
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