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A ghost in my house

This is true my mum told me this when I was about 8yrs of age and my mum 10 when she saw this her name

March 11, 2016 Scary Stories

Saying Bloody Mary 12 times at 12:00

Hi it’s me darkforever you guys might of seen some of my other spooky stories which are all true well don’t poop your pants on

March 11, 2016 Scary Stories

Seven fingers

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Sarah. It was her 7th birthday but she had no friends so that meant of course

March 11, 2016 Scary Stories

Where did she go?

A friend told me this story. He was driving past a house when he saw a creepy looking woman standing in front of it. He

March 10, 2016 Scary Stories

Walking down at the horror house

One day I was walking down the street when a bear came out and stood in front of me. I was really scared,but I didn’t

March 10, 2016 Scary Stories

Scary Alice Pool

One day Alice was celebrating her 12th birthday at the pool at her uncles hotel with friends and family. After a while, a mysterious man

March 10, 2016 Scary Stories

Legend of Scotland

We see Scotland in 1828 and everyone’s afraid of the two serial killers named Burke and Hare. They’re taking lives for money by Dr.Knox, who

March 10, 2016 Legends

Titanic ghost

The ocean is calm and freezing as we see a lone ship resting on the surface, overlooking the area where the great Titanic went down.

March 09, 2016 Scary Stories

Dolls legends and more

The story starts when five best friends were walking down the street. The girls names were Cc,Alissa,Carli,Maya,and Alyssa. They came apoun a doll store called

March 09, 2016 Scary Stories

Scary builder

My name is Jennifer Collins. I used to live in an old apartment in the coast. One night I was up late watching TV at

March 09, 2016 Scary Stories
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