A ghost in my house


This is true my mum told me this when I was about 8yrs of age and my mum 10 when she saw this her name is Sam and her best friend is Isabella. Once when Sam and her Parents were moving to an other house they were packing all there things then Isabella came to help too any as they were moving house there car nearly crashed into this black misty thing that was just standing there Sam thought she was seeing things but also her mum and dad saw it too but they didn’t say anything so when they were there it was a nice looking house all painted white next to a twisted tree so as Sam and Isabella ran Read More →

Saying Bloody Mary 12 times at 12:00


Hi it’s me darkforever you guys might of seen some of my other spooky stories which are all true :) well don’t poop your pants on this one just kidding any this is true one of my friends did this before if you say bloody Mary 12 times at 12:00 not 12:01 only (12:00) if you wanna try it which you might not cause I am gonna tell you what happens ok so my friend James he said bloody mary 12 times at 12:00 and guess Read More →

Seven fingers


Once upon a time there lived a girl named Sarah. It was her 7th birthday but she had no friends so that meant of course no party. So Sarah’s dad went out with her to the shops to buy Sarah a present.

When they arrived at the shop everything looked dark and gloomy “Uhh Sarah My Dear Are You Sure This Is The Right Shop?” her dad said. Sarah looked around and replied “Yes” She walked deeper into the shop and saw a shadow standing in the corner. She walked over and saw a figure of a clown swaying his hands holding up 6 fingers. Read More →

Where did she go?


A friend told me this story. He was driving past a house when he saw a creepy looking woman standing in front of it. He looked away,and when he looked back, she was gone. “I wonder where she went.” He thought. Then he heard a thud. When he looked up, the woman was clawing and biting through the window. When he screamed to his mom for help, her eyes turned red and she started to pull him towards the window. The woman broke through and ripped him to shreds and cooked him on a grill. His mom was an honored guest. Oh, did I mention he told me after he died?

Walking down at the horror house


One day I was walking down the street when a bear came out and stood in front of me. I was really scared,but I didn’t move. He looked at me really hard, then grew horns, turned red and sunk into the earth. Before he went through, I heard the words “nine-ten, nine-ten.” I was still so freaked out I didn’t pay much Read More →

Scary Alice Pool


One day Alice was celebrating her 12th birthday at the pool at her uncles hotel with friends and family. After a while, a mysterious man showed up at the pool. Alice’s mother was worried,so she called all of the kids out of the water. Alice said,”Oh Mother,we’ll be all right.”

So all the children got back into the water. About an hour later, the man moved closer to the pool.Of course,Alice’s mother called the children out of the water.”Mother! We will be fine!”
So later, the man was INSIDE the water.
Alice’s mother screamed with terror. Read More →

Legend of Scotland


We see Scotland in 1828 and everyone’s afraid of the two serial killers named Burke and Hare.

They’re taking lives for money by Dr.Knox, who takes the bodies and studies them.

We see a young man with blonde hair, wearing fancy clothes walking the streets, heading towards a pub.

He’s five foot nine with green eyes that look straight into your soul, comes from a nice family.

He’s wearing a long red coat with a white shirt and gold vest, pocketwatch and black pants, wearing black and white shoes.
Read More →

Titanic ghost


The ocean is calm and freezing as we see a lone ship resting on the surface,
overlooking the area where the great Titanic went down.
This is a memorial ship, overloaded with passengers and crew who want to pay their respects to the 1500 who were lost.
There’s also relatives of the victims onboard too.
It’s nighttime, not a soul in sight, the stars and moon shining brightly in the ever lasting sky.
We see a young man exiting the ship’s quators to walk the boat deck, where we see a row of lifeboats. Read More →

Dolls legends and more


The story starts when five best friends were walking down the street. The girls names were Cc,Alissa,Carli,Maya,and Alyssa. They came apoun a doll store called “Dolls Dolls Dolls.” Cc was looking in the window and she a boys face. She got scared and fell back into the rode. There was a car comeing so Alissa pulled her onto the sidewalk. The boy opened the door and said Read More →

Scary builder


My name is Jennifer Collins. I used to live in an old apartment in the coast. One night I was up late watching TV at 1:00 in the morning. I decided to go to bed, I switched off the TV, shut the lights, and head to bed. I was in bed and staring outside my window. Read More →

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